As part of the Securities Commission (SC)’s integrated efforts to train and retain talent in the Malaysian capital market, SIDC works closely with the SC to offer curriculum-based graduate training schemes, designed to develop entry level professionals and equip them with the necessary technical knowledge and inter-personal skills to operate effectively in the capital market industry.

In 2009, the SC Executive Enhancement and Development (SEED) Programme was launched to provide training and on-the-job attachment for graduates to enhance their employability and career mobility in the Malaysian capital market. SIDC was tasked with developing and implementing two schemes under the SEED Programme, i.e. the Graduate Development Programme (GDP) and the Islamic Capital Market Graduate Training Scheme (ICMGTS). The GDP was successfully completed in 2011, producing a total of 187 trained entry-level candidates for the capital market industry. The ICMGTS continues to be offered twice a year by SIDC.

SIDC also conducts the preparatory programme “Overview of Capital Markets and Its Career Opportunities” and the Talent Advancement Programme as part of the SC’s Graduate Representative Programme (GRP1000) to develop licensed representatives for the capital market. The latter, a comprehensive 24-day training programme, prepares graduates with the necessary knowledge as well as technical and soft skills to become licensed persons for dealing in securities and derivatives.

In addition, SIDC is working with Yayasan Peneraju to deliver the Peneraju Profesional: Capital Markets Services Representative’s Licence (CMSRL) in Corporate Finance and Investment Advice (CCOFIA) programme, which aims to establish a pool of qualified Bumiputera talents who are capable of discharging their functions and responsibilities effectively as CMSRL holders in the area of Corporate Finance and/or Investment Advice.