SIDC serves as a one-stop examination centre for those seeking to be licensed by SC, those seeking to hold a position as head of operations, Head of Compliance or Compliance Officer and those who intend to be employees of registered persons who carry out the regulated activities specified in the Part 1 of Schedule 4 of the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 (permitted capital market activities).

The SC Licensing Examinations are designed to set a minimum standard of competency required of individuals who wish to act as intermediaries in the Malaysian capital market. There are three levels of cognitive skills being tested, namely knowledge, comprehension, and application and analysis. The knowledge level requires studying, absorbing and recalling the memorised information. The level of comprehension requires an ability to grasp and understand the meaning of the principles or concepts for each subject. And finally, the application and analysis level which is the highest level of cognitive skills for licensing examinations, tests the candidate's ability to relate and apply the acquired information in market practices.

Currently, there are 13 modules of examinations being offered. Examination-related reference materials can be purchased from the SIDC Bookshop located on the Ground Floor of the SC Building.


Candidates sitting for the licensing examinations are reminded that all Examination Study Guides published are correct at the time of print. Candidates are advised, however, to keep themselves updated as the licensing examinations will reflect the latest information.

In reference to changes on rules and regulations:

  • Changes and amendments to the business rules and listing requirements can be obtained from the Bursa Malaysia website.
  • Changes to guidelines issued by the SC are announced via press releases and the SC website.

Details on the SC Licensing Examinations