Computer-Based Examination Mock-up


This computer-based examination mock-up is intended to assist candidates in familiarising themselves with the format of the SIDC CBE system. Candidates are encouraged to attempt the mock-up prior to their actual examinations.

The mock-up consists of sample questions of all the modules and is categorised as follows:

Regulations Modules Products and Analysis Modules
Module 6 - Stock Market & Securities Law Module 7 - Financial Statement Analysis
Module 9 - Funds Management Regulation Module 10 - Assets and Funds Management
Module 11 - Fundamentals of Compliance Module 12 - Investment Management and Corporate Finance
Module 16 - Rules and Regulations of Futures and Options Module 14 - Futures & Options
Module 17 - Securities and Derivatives Trading (Rules and Regulations) Module 18 - Securities and Derivatives Trading (Products and Analysis)
Module 19 - Advisory Services (Rules and Regulations)