Series 2: Invest ASEAN: ASEAN Exchanges

Series 2: Invest ASEAN: ASEAN Exchanges

ASEAN Exchanges is a single trading platform where all the ASEAN countries bourses are streamlined, providing cost-effective post-trade procedures for cross-border transactions and investors an alternative investment avenue besides their home country’s stock picks to invest in. This programme focuses on the exchanges in ASEAN Exchanges which are interlinked and the stock markets’ performance as well as trends. It also discusses the opportunities and challenges in investing across borders using the platform, current developments and future investment opportunities.

Who Should Attend

Dealer's Representatives, Analysts, and Fund Managers

  • Programme Delivery

    Programme Objectives

    This programme aims to give participants an understanding of the ASEAN Exchanges as an alternative investment avenue. It offers an introduction to the exchanges in ASEAN, as well as their performance and trends, enhancing participants’ ability to provide top notch services to their clients and maintain their competitiveness among the regional markets players.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
    • define the purpose and contribution of the ASEAN Exchanges;
    • discuss the exchanges, stock market performance and trends of ASEAN stock markets;
    • recognise the opportunities and challenges in investing across borders using the ASEAN Exchanges; and
    • explain the current developments of the ASEAN Exchanges and the investment opportunities for its investors


    • Interactive presentations, case studies and Question-and-Answer sessions
  • Programme Fees

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