Islamic Capital Market


List Of Programmes

Islamic Capital Market Programmes Date
ICM Series: Regulatory requirements and legal documentation in ICM 3 November 2018
ICM Series: Islamic Derivatives Explained 20 October 2018
ICM Series: Accounting, Auditing and Taxation Explained 17 & 18 November 2018
Islamic Capital Market Graduate Training Scheme (ICMGTS) Date
Islamic Capital Market Graduate Training Scheme - Batch 19 29 September –
30 November 2018

  • Programme Fees

    Items Standard
    ICM Series Combo - 6 Programmes* RM650/ Programme
    Custom Combo -3 or more Programmes (Any programmes under ICM Series)* RM700/Programme
    1 Programme* RM750/Programme
    *Upon registration, please email to to entitle for the combo price