Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance: Roadshow

Malaysian Code On Corporate Governance: roadshow

Dates: 21 August (Penang), 28 August (Kota Kinabalu), 29 August (Kuching), 6 September 2017 (Johor Bahru)
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia
Accreditation: SIDC CPE-approved: 5 CPE points

The aim of this programme is to provide members of board of directors, senior management and other relevant gatekeepers with information and insights on the new MCCG with emphasis on the issues and expectations.

Roadshow Dates and Venues:

Date Venue Price (RM) Registration
21 August 2017 Penang 795
28 August 2017 Kota Kinabalu 795
29 August 2017 Kuching 795
6 September 2017 Johor Bahru 795

  • Programme Delivery

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
    • recognise the importance of corporate governance and the new approach in MCCG;
    • identify the key elements of MCCG together with the challenges, issues and expectations; and 
    • discuss the role of the members of board of directors, company secretary and management in implementing the code. 


    Interactive presentations, Question-and-Answer sessions and Panel discussion.

    Target Audience

    Directors, Company Secretaries, Senior Management, Compliance Officers and those involved in preparing and publishing the annual report and anyone who is interested to know more about the new MCCG.
  • Programme Outline

    8:30am Registration
    9:00am MCCG: An Overview
    • Why Governance Matters
    • Overview of MCCG - What is New?
      • Introduction of Practices for Large Companies
      • Key Features:
        • The Shift: Comprehend, Apply, and Report Approach - "CARE"
        • From Comply and Explain to Apply or Explain an Alternative
        • Intended Outcomes: Focus and Clarity on of each Practice
        • Guidance: Assisting in Applying the Practices
        • Step Up Practices: Moving Towards Greater Excellence
    9:30am Uncovering the Key Principles of the New Code
    • Principle A: Board Leadership and Effectiveness 
      • Board Responsibilities
      • Board Composition
      • Remuneration
    • The Highlights and Challenges of Implementation
      • Board Diversity and Independence
      • Roles and Expectations of Company Secretary
      • Transparency in Directors Remuneration
    10:45am Coffee Break
    11:00am Uncovering the Key Principles of the New Code (cont'd)
    • Principle B: Effective Audit and Risk Management 
      • Audit Committee
      • Risk Management and Internal Control Framework
    • Principle C: Integrity in Corporate Reporting and Meaningful Relationship with Stakeholders
      • Communication with stakeholders
      • Conduct of General Meetings
    • The Highlights and Challenges of Implementation
      • Strengthen Independence of Audit Committee
      • Risk Management Committee
      • Participation at General Meetings
    12:30pm End of Programme