Global Leadership in the Cloud Programmes

Global Leadership in the Cloud Programmes

The Global Leadership in the Cloud (GLC) is a NEW offering of personalized and flexible cloud-based programmes which enable you to develop your global leader skills from any location. Designed for high potential executives at middle management level who are taking on increasingly significant responsibilities within their organisation, GLC enables you to:

  • Work with a dedicated coach and receive personalized feedback at every step of the programme
  • Apply what you learn each week to help you solve your current business challenges
  • Combine the flexibility of a cloud-based programme with IMD’s unique real world, real learning approach
  • Drive your own development and the development of your team to expand your knowledge
  • Earn an IMD executive education certificate
  • Become an IMD alumnus/alumna 

List of Programmes

Being Innovative
This is a programme about how to function more effectively as a manager, in a world increasingly
characterized by ubiquitous and unceasing change. It leverages lessons from the world
of innovation to help you become more effectively innovative, no matter what role you play
within your organisation
Finance Fundamentals for Executives
Finance Fundamentals for Executives provides a comprehensive review of financial analysis
and managerial finance, and helps you develop the intuition for solving key financial problems,
analyse alternatives in decision making and formulate value maximizing strategies
Learning Leadership
Learning Leadership (LL) will equip you to lead yourself and others to sustained success and
provide you with a “play to win” mind set to breathe new life into your team’s performance
Leading Strategic Initiatives
Leading Strategic Initiatives helps you understand and overcome the key challenges that come
with driving strategic change, and equips you with pragmatic frameworks to successfully steer
your strategic initiative
Leveraging Strategic Partnerships
Company strategy is constantly under attack either through rampant imitation or through substitute
business models. How do we respond? In many cases, we cannot rely on ourselves alone in
sustaining competitive advantage. Rather, we need to look to an ecosystem of strategic
partners who can help us along the way
Marketing Management 
To gain advantage in today’s marketplace, you must create more value in the eyes of your
customers and consumers.It teaches you how to better communicate this value and capture it in
ways that maximize your chances for profit. You focus on profitable customers and consumers,
profitable products and leveraging your competitive strengths
This is the core of value-based marketing.
Pricing Excellence in Tough B2B Markets
Pricing Excellence in Tough B2B Markets is designed to help you learn how to improve your
pricing competencies and to enable you to capture the price premium you deserve.
Throughout the programme you will develop SMART action steps to identify, assess
and improve your pricing capabilities
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Thinking will equip you to think more strategically, diagnose your external and
internal business arena and formulate strategic approaches to address your current and
future business challenges