Module 1: Introduction to Islamic Capital Market and Sukuk

Module 1: Introduction to Islamic Capital Market and Sukuk

Dates:  6 June 2017 
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia
Accreditation: SIDC CPE-approved: 10 CPE points

Programme Objective

The programme’s objective is to highlight the regulatory and parameters of Shariah in the Islamic Capital Market. Therefore, this module will cover on the Shariah principles, products, sources, prohibitions, types of contracts as well as types of Sukuk with its distinguished features as compared to a conventional bond. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
  • identify the regulatory and Shariah parameters in Islamic Capital Market;
  • explain the principles, products, sources and prohibitions of Shariah;
  • explain the type of contracts in Islamic Finance; and
  • describe the types of Sukuk and its distinguished features as compared to a conventional bond.


The programme will be delivered using interactive presentations, case studies and discussions to complement the audience’s on-the-job experience. 

Target Audience

Experienced and new professionals or industry practitioners in the capital market, ICM and academia. 

  • Programme Outline

    Programme - Day 1
    8:30am  Registration
    9:00 am Overview of Islamic Finance and Islamic Capital Market
    • Islamic Finance - Managing perception
    • History and development of modern Islamic finance
    • Standard setting and industry bodies
    • Regulatory requirements and Shariah Parameters
    10:30 am  Break
    11:00 am Understanding of Shariah
    • Islamic finance overview on principles and products
    • Overview of Islamic Law on commercial transactions 
    • Sources of Fiqh:
      • Quran, Sunnah, Ijma', Qiyas, Istihsan and etc.
    • The Prohibition of Riba, Gharar and  Maysir in Islam and rationale of the prohibition
    12:30 pm  End of Day 1
    Programme - Day 2
    8:30 am Registration
    9:00 am Introduction to Shariah Contracts
    • ‚ÄčEssential requirements of contracts
    • Basic Shariah parameters governing Islamic finance contracts
    • Types of contracts in Islamic finance
    10:30 am Break
    11:00 am Types of Sukuk in the Market
    • Evolution and trends of the Sukuk market
    • Types of Sukuk
      • Asset-based
      • Asset-backed
      • Debt-based
      • Partnership/Equity-based
      • Hybrid structured Sukuk
    • Differences between Sukuk and conventional bond
    12:30 pm End of Programme
  • Programme Fees

    Module No. of Modules
    One Module (RM) All Module (RM)
    Sukuk Series 1: Introduction to Islamic Capital Market and Sukuk 950 5000
    *Fees quoted are exclusive of and subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6%