Programme Overview

In recent years, the emergence and evolution of Sukuk has been one of the most significant developments in Islamic capital markets. Sukuk instruments act as a bridge to link the issuers with a wide pool of investors, many of whom are seeking to diversify their holdings beyond traditional asset classes in an efficient and transparent way. However, the Sukuk market remains a niche one with huge potential for growth in global financial markets. The " Sukuk Learning Series" will cover comprehensive topics ranging from Sukuk structuring and issuance to the distribution process. 

The programme comprises 5 topics:


  • Programme Fees

    Modules No. of Modules
    One Module (RM) All Module (RM)
    Sukuk Series 1: Introduction to Islamic Capital Market and Sukuk 950 5000
    Sukuk Series 2: Legal Documentation in Sukuk 1500
    Sukuk Series 3: Structuring and Issuance of Sukuk 1500
    Sukuk Series 4: Trading and Pricing of Sukuk 950
    Sukuk Series 5: Restructuring of Sukuk 950
    *Fees quoted are exclusive of and subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6%